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Suwilaawks Composts!

suwilaawks compostsSuwilaawks Students Are Composting

Being a ‘green’ school, the staff and students of Suwilaawks have entered into the exciting world of compost.   A huge thank you to Telus for providing the industrial sized composters.   Mini-compost collecting bins are in each classroom.  During the day, a team of composters stealthily move through the hallways and collect the waste to put in the huge compost bins.

The formula for greens (organic waste) and browns (kind of like the filler) is an art.  If too many greens are added, the compost becomes liquidy.  We do try to recycle as much as possible and the school’s discarded papers are shredded and added to the compost.  This helps balance the ‘greens’.  Once in the barrels, the students turn the bins with a giant ‘steering’ wheel.   It is amazing how much heat is produced.  The finished compost is then put in our community gardens.  The entire process is quite the learning experience.

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Daily Physical Activity

 We’ve been moving and grooving every morning … singing together,  learning to dance together and most importantly creating a warm and welcoming place for our kids to shine.  Favourites have been:  the Chicken Dance, the YMCA and the twist.  Gathering together each morning has been an amazing opportunity to showcase our student talent and our student energy.     Special thanks to Clifton for sharing his love and talent on the piano as he played Fur Elise to a mesmerized crowd.  Also kudos to Anika for giving us the opportunity to hear her play her guitar and sing an outstanding version of  ‘You Are My Sunshine”.  We are a school filled with talent.   

Identity Day Video

Suwilaawks Identity Day

First Annual Identity Day – Huge Success!!!

Pictures from 2011 – 2012

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Head Lice




This is the time of year when head lice may show up in

your child’s hair. To prevent the spread of head lice

amongst children at school, we ask that you remind

your child NOT TO SHARE PERSONAL ITEMS (combs,

brushes, hats, etc.) We also ask that you check your

child’s hair weekly for the presence of head lice.

Further information about the detection and treatment

of head lice is available at the Public Health Unit.  Check out

their website at

 Your cooperation is much appreciated.



Thank you PAC. We now have access to online books!

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