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photo (4)Santa arrived at the Suwilaawks Christmas Bazaar

The entire Suwilaawks community came together to host the annual Christmas Bazaar.   The event raised money to support the Salvation Army, the school food program and to purchase a goat for a family in a third world country.

Laughter and love filled the hallways.

Every single school day in December,  Clarence, the Elf, showed up in different spots around Suwilaawks.  He even wrote a letter to Santa to tell him all the things that were going on.

CaptureCan you find Clarence?????

legionLegion Cde. Peter Crompton poses with the top three award winners in the Junior Poem Contest.  From left is third place Irene Stevens, first place McKenzie Lyons and second place Anika Juergensen.

Most Fridays at Suwilaawks round tables are set with black  linen table clothes and strategically placed flowered centerpieces.  Soothing jazz music is played in the background.   ‘Please’ and ‘thank-you’ can be heard loud and clear over the conversations at the tables.  The fragrant aromas of the served lunches fill the nostrils.   ‘Breaking bread’ together is a great way to slow down and enjoy lunch as a fine dining experience.  Mr. Bartley, Director of Instruction and Ms. Scales, District Principal even put on their hairnets, rolled up their sleeves and served  homemade broccoli and cheese soup … a definite highlight on one of our Fine Dining Fridays.  We would love to have some more parent volunteers to ‘serve’ the students.CaptureCapture 2photo (21)