February 2013
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Daily Archives: February 15, 2013

Wolverines … never ever, ever give up.  It’s their nature!!  And that is exactly how our Grade 6 Boys Basketball Team responds to any and all challenges. 

Words from the crowd … “Exciting to watch” …

“Their enthusiasm is contagious” …

“You can tell by their faces, they are determined” …

” Those kids show amazing teamwork and sportsmanship” 

and the most common phrase heard throughout the crowd … “Go, Wolverines, Go!!!!

With several staff members travelling with the team to face Terrace’s toughest competitors, the Eagles at Uplands Elementary, our boys took the court and played their hearts out.   Sweat dripping, bodies crashing, baskets swooshing made for an exciting game to watch.  Outstanding performances displayed by Richard, Jaylen and Gabe .. all sinking baskets to fire the team into an enthusiastic frenzy.  Nick, Nathaniel, Ethan and Patrick covered the court like they owned it.   Zackary defended the hoop like an all-star.  Pride and sportsmanship were displayed by Sacha and Jackie as they held their heads high and proved that Suwilaawks Wolverines are a determined bunch.  The talent, teamwork and true sportsmanship of the Uplands Eagles made the team tough to overcome but again the Wolverines never, ever gave up.  Gabe and Jared left it all on the court … including their skin … but that didn’t deter them.  The continued playing with total heart and soul. 

The cheering from the crowd could be heard throughout the building.  Go, Wolverines, Go!